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formula-g design lab

Why Formula-G? (About Us)

What does the "G" in Formula-G stand for? If we're at Formula-G, what happened to Formulas-A through F? What's with the lab and science theme? These types of questions are commonly asked about Formula-G Design Lab by clients, both verbally and mentally. The best way to answer all of these questions is to explain our school of thought.

Traditionally speaking, art and science are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Art is non-structured, free in form. Science is rigid, postulated, logical. In any good relationship, opposites attract. Today's techno-centric society prompts Formula-G Design Lab to combine these two opposites in a happy marriage. Art is definitely not a science and science is definitely not an art. Our success lies in respecting each field of study as its own entity and making them coexist. We are "true" graphic designers. We pride ourselves in being free-thinking artisans, yet we are structured enough to be detail-oriented. We pride ourselves in being tecnically savvy, immersed in data and code, yet we never lose sight of how appealing color and form are in our designs.

This is who we are. Formula-G Design Lab. What's with the lab and science theme? We pretty much explained that. Next, formulas-A through F never really existed. They were just an integral part of becoming who we are today. That brings us to probably the most important question: What does the "G" stand for? With you as our client, it stands for whatever you want it to be. We design what you want. Simple as that. Ready to get creative with us? Contact us today!

Still not ready for our brand of creativity? Maybe some of our clients can help persuade you. Here's what they have to say.